The photos of La Chureca that I uploaded into my Photostream don’t appear where they oughta. Instead the whole batch of 91 photos has ended up in an entirely different location. So now I”m flummoxed and God only knows when the FlickR geeks will respond to my inquiry. Because I spent three hours attaching titles and captions to this huge photostream, I want the photos to be seen. Why else take the time to do the work if not for public viewing? Grrrrrrr, there’s that bear sound again. Speaking of which — if you haven’t joined the Ursa Freedom Project yet, do so now!

So, here’s the deal with my Photostream — in order to see the photos of La Chureca that I uploaded you will need to click here on this hyperlink. Once I know how to merge this Photostream onto my real FlickR page, I”ll do that to streamline the operation. But no sense getting all warped out when all it takes is a click to get the hyperlink. Most of the photos in the photostream were taken by the youth that I am teaching in La Chureca. The kids have taken some remarkable photos of their home and community inside Central America’s largest waste dump. I think you’ll be fascinated by what you learn from the photos and captions.

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  1. terhi on April 17, 2009 9:34 am

    Jeanette… i try to contact you this way. i have been thinking of how are you doing these days? how´s managua treating you now? let me know.terhi

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