Andean bears are sometimes called spectacled bears because of their markings. The species is suffering heavily and faces extinction from forest fragmentation for human activities and “nuisance” killings when these gentle bears wander from fragmented forests into human settlements and crop fields looking for food and mates. Andean bears are found only in isolated pockets […]

A new state policy that recently went into effect has removed nearly all protection to over 400,000 acres of national forest, and has opened millions of acres of roadless forests to construction, logging and mining across Idaho. The policy leaves a vital national forest vulnerable to a host of environmentally damaging activities and has been […]

Cats Kill Songbirds

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39 million. That’s the number of wild birds killed annually by domestic cats; and that’s in the state of Wisconsin alone! With native and migratory songbirds declining in populations, we can’t keep letting this happen. Take action and put a bell around your cat’s neck before opening the door to tabby’s freedom outdoors. Levitra online […]

Sumatran Tigers

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On my new ecopaparazzi social network I feature a different side of an environmental issue photographically each day. Wednesday is Wildlife Wednesday. The wildlife I choose to feature are endangered species, in most cases critically endangered, which means they are about to become extinct. Today the ecopaparazzi Wildlife Wednesday photo is the Sumatran tiger. The […]

 It’s time for all of us who care about nature and Earth’s web of life to speak out against Sarah Palin, the heartless Alaska governor and vice presidential candidate who champions the brutal aerial gunning of wolves and bears. Her disdain for science alarms wildlife experts and her savagery and contempt for non-human sentient life […]

 Terrible things are starting to happen to Osa in preparation for marketing the region to upscale tourists. Monday the municipal government of the region brought armed police escorts, wearing flak jackets and wielding sub-machine guns, to prevent outraged citizens from storming the bulldozers who began ripping up the shoreline to construct the first road that […]

Crocodile Pool

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 The most polluted river in Costa Rica, the Tarcoles, houses a large population of crocodiles. I was amazed to see so many of these large reptiles huddled together in the muck and slime of the filthy river. But apparently this has been their home for quite some time and they’ve adjusted somehow to the unhealthy […]

One Big Snake

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This boa is taking a siesta on the rock that I needed to climb to get onto the path to finish my hike back to Campanario. Needless to say I wound my way onto the path from another route. The dog in the photo is the mamma of the rescued pups at Jonathon and Monica’s […]

From now through November volunteers across Costa Rica and other countries around the world are monitoring turtle nesting beaches to protect eggs that have been laid. This is the beach I’m helping to monitor in the Osa Peninsula. It’s a 2-mile stretch of beach that begins where the jungle ends. Those trees you see take […]

Wild Baby Rescued

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 Two weeks ago while hiking through the jungle I heard a faint but insistent howl of distress coming from an animal. I had already been hiking for hours, and the sun was just beginning to fade. In the tropics dusk lasts all of ten minutes. It becomes pitch black within moments of the sun setting, […]

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