After a 14 hour bus ordeal yesterday enroute from Panama back to Costa Rica, I am happy to say that I am now back in Sierpe, Costa Rica, and will be getting on the boat to Campanario this afternoon. I spent the night at the home of a friend in Sierpe, which was far nicer […]

“There is no place nature and magic cannot be found. Where we go we find wilderness — even within the walls of our homes, where we are confronted with the unexplainable mystery and beauty of our own living. Wilderness has no walls … Seeing the smallness of our human lives against the unrestrained expanse of […]

There are many footprints in the sand along Costa Rica’s beaches that remind me of my days and nights on California’s beaches with Red during our cross country trip together last year. Levitra online pharmacy she after all the only thing loves you. No, she doesn’t love me. Absolutely another in her heart. And who […]

Here’s a book review from EarthLight Magazine that I have kept on my laptop hard drive as a reminder of following my life’s purpose. I rediscovered the review this morning and thought you might enjoy reading the review, and possibly the book. Callings: Finding and Following an Authentic Life, by Gregg Levoy, Harmony Books, 1997. Reviewed by […]

I still have some problems with my site but am working on those as I eek out Internet time. If you see funky stuff be sure and let me know so that I can work on fixing the problems.  Don´t forget to subscribe to my RSS so you can be notified each time I update the site. […]