A battle is raging over water in a small inland village in Costa Rica’s northern Guanacaste region, where uncontrolled tourism and coastal development has already sapped the local water supply. Developers in Guanacaste cannot get new construction permits without new sources of water, so they are preparing to pipe water from their neighbor’s aqueduct. The […]

According to the Tico Times, the weekly newspaper written in English, organized crime and drug trafficking have invaded Costa Rica. ¬†Two former Presidents of the country are behind bars for corruption. A third ex-President could end up with his comrades before long if Costa Rica’s chief prosecutor is successful. According to the paper, high profile […]

I read in the Tico Times, the English printed newspaper in Costa Rica, that Honduras’ President Mel Zelaya is suspected of hiring hit men to kill journalists who don’t report favorably about his government. Honduras journalists took to the streets in protest after the murder of one journalist and wounding of another in drive by […]

by Rhett Butler, Mongabay.com, December 11, 2007 The United States again wrought havoc at UN Climate Change talks. In the early morning hours of talks, as diplomats faced exhaustion, the United States pulled the equivalent of a diplomatic nuclear option, scuttling frantic global efforts to save tropical forests. As the two weeks of talks draw […]