Tropical Leaves

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 The size of some of the leaves on tropical plants are hard to believe if you don’t see them up close and personal for yourself. Seeing is believing. I put my hand on the top of this massive leaf to give an idea of scale. I took this photo in Costa Rica, while living at […]

  The photos of La Chureca that I uploaded into my Photostream don’t appear where they oughta. Instead the whole batch of 91 photos has ended up in an entirely different location. So now I”m flummoxed and God only knows when the FlickR geeks will respond to my inquiry. Because I spent three hours attaching […]

When the Spaniards came to conquer Latin America in the early 16th century, some things met to their liking and others didn’t. In a letter to the King of Spain in 1525 one conquering general wrote that the Volcano at Masaya, Nicaragua, was “the mouth of fire that never ceases to boil.” Friar Francisco de […]

I lived in Kentucky for nearly 20 years before moving to Costa Rica. I was a community leader and involved in environmental and social justice actions, using the arts and media as tools for social change. Mountaintop Removal (MTR) is the greatest assault against nature in Kentucky and Central Appalachia. The media rarely reports on […]

Video Shoot

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 I’ve been traveling around the country with Nancy taking video and photographs of the environmental state of affairs in Costa Rica. We’re putting together a video for the government to try to get the elected leaders throughout the country to take a close look at the mess they have created over the past 3-10 years. […]

 Nancy and I spent three days in Costa Rica’s Pacific northwest documenting the construction and real estate madness that has turned the Guanacaste region from a gorgeous natural area rich in biodiversity to a landscape of high-rise condos, golf courses and sprawling McMansions and 5-star resort hotels. It’s unbelievable, truly shocking, to witness how the wildlife has […]

This is the view from the balcony of the office in San Jose. Charming, eh? Now filter back through my blog entries and gaze at the phenomenal views at Osa. It’s a real no brainer why my soul dies on the vine when I leave the rainforest along the Pacific slope to come to the […]

I wonder how many countries have a flag that is red, white and blue. I posed this question to various Internet brains and lo and behold got a variety of answers. Even wiki, which usually does an OK job, failed to list Costa Rica as having a red, white and blue flag. Well, here’s living […]

For Sale

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Se vende (For Sale) signs blanket Costa Rica. From coast to coast and across one mountain range to another people everywhere are selling their birthright to developers, all in the name of money. Cold, hard cash. High-rise resort hotels, condominium communities, yacht marinas and 5-star golf courses are replacing the natural beauty of Mother Earth […]

Plastic Trees

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Costa Rica has been gravely affected by large-scale monoculture tree plantations. The landscape is riddled with African palms, which are grown for their oil (i.e., Palmolive dishwashing liquid), as well as pineapple, banana and teak plantations. The monocultures have fragmented the natural rainforests and are responsible for massive forest destruction, carbon dioxide emissions and broad […]

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