I’ve been out of touch for a wee bit but, like Jack Nicholson in The Shining … I’m Baaaaaaack! Many thanks to Alex Vasquez, of Digisavvy fame, for getting my blog back up and running and looking good after some hiccups during the transfer from GoDaddy to Host Monster. Alex and Chris, a talented and creative California […]

 Everybody across Planet Earth goes green on St. Patty’s Day. OK, it might be in the form of green beer on March 17, but we’ve all got to start someplace. First green beer, then the green lifestyle. It’s a stretch, but miracles are known to happen. I like what my friend NaTasha has posted on her blog […]

Ursa Freedom Project is a global campaign to liberate 9,000 bears from crush cages on bile farms in China. The intent is to move the bears from these torturous prisons to freedom at Animals Asia sanctuary. Together we can do it. Levitra online pharmacy she after all the only thing loves you. No, she doesn’t […]

Three young men peddle fruits and vegetables from their wagon throughout the barrio where I live. The brothers make a twice a week visit to the house so I can buy tropical fruits and whatever vegetables they might have on hand. I like this way of shopping. It’s informal, neighborly and lets me support a […]

Stray cats and especially dogs are a routine part of the Nicaraguan landscape, as they are in other Central American countries that I’ve visited. Most of the animals are in terrible shape. But every now and then you see a stray that someone has taken mercy on and through acts of compassion helped fill out […]

I love the wondrous, magical Earth we all call Home, and I resolve in 2009 to continue dedicating my life to honoring and respecting Gaia deeply, and participating in the greatest spiritual work of our time — Earth Healing. I will do this through acts of photojournalism and conservation filmmaking, direct action involvement, social networking […]

I’ve returned to Costa Rica and yay, I’m back to wearing sandals and going barefoot! The weather in Missouri and Kentucky turned bitter cold while I was home and I didn’t adjust to it very well at all. That durn cold meant I had to keep my feet bound in shoes and socks, which is […]

I’ve been in the U.S. a week now for a bit of a change of pace from Costa Rica. I’ll report back in when I have a bit more time. Right now I’m dashing off to get my car out of storage and see if I remember how to drive! I haven’t been behind the […]

My new social network ecopaparazzi made headline news on two major internet sites today. From the google search, it looks like the articles drew a lot of readers, so that’s a good thing in trying to get the new site off the ground. Levitra online pharmacy she after all the only thing loves you. No, […]

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