About Me

about-me-for-web.jpg I”m a photojournalist and video producer, a community organizer for change, global networker, champion of Earth’s rights and environmental educator. I’ve made a career of combining my gifts, talents and passions to raise consciousness and advocate for environmental and social justice. I specialize in training youth to use media as an activist tool for environmental protection and transformational storytelling. I also produce documentaries to promote Earth Spirituality. I am a former Kentucky arts council roster artist, executive director of a grassroots environmental education non-profit, and program manager for a community activist arts organization. I have served on the board of directors of the Kentucky Association of Environmental Education, Kentucky Woodland Owners Association and community preservation coalitions, neighborhood associations and activist groups in Kentucky, Virginia and California. I have been living in Costa Rica and Nicaragua since December 2007. My journey to Costa Rica to document rainforest issues and to Nicaragua to work with youth media makers inside Managua’s garbage dump is one of heart and soul. What about you? Tell me, what are you doing with your one wild and precious life?jm-resume-brochure_march-2010_low-res.pdf

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