Ursa Freedom Project is a global campaign to liberate 9,000 bears from crush cages on bile farms in China. The intent is to move the bears from these torturous prisons to freedom at Animals Asia sanctuary. Together we can do it. Levitra online pharmacy she after all the only thing loves you. No, she doesn’t […]

By the time I leave Nicaragua I hope to have visited all of the protected natural reserves in the country. There are magnificently beautiful areas here. For a poor country, Nicaragua seems to have adequate staff to patrol the reserves to keep wildlife poachers and tree bandits away. Costa Rica could learn something from their […]

Three young men peddle fruits and vegetables from their wagon throughout the barrio where I live. The brothers make a twice a week visit to the house so I can buy tropical fruits and whatever vegetables they might have on hand. I like this way of shopping. It’s informal, neighborly and lets me support a […]

Stray cats and especially dogs are a routine part of the Nicaraguan landscape, as they are in other Central American countries that I’ve visited. Most of the animals are in terrible shape. But every now and then you see a stray that someone has taken mercy on and through acts of compassion helped fill out […]

When the Spaniards came to conquer Latin America in the early 16th century, some things met to their liking and others didn’t. In a letter to the King of Spain in 1525 one conquering general wrote that the Volcano at Masaya, Nicaragua, was “the mouth of fire that never ceases to boil.” Friar Francisco de […]