My new social network ecopaparazzi made headline news on two major internet sites today. From the google search, it looks like the articles drew a lot of readers, so that’s a good thing in trying to get the new site off the ground. Levitra online pharmacy she after all the only thing loves you. No, […]

A new state policy that recently went into effect has removed nearly all protection to over 400,000 acres of national forest, and has opened millions of acres of roadless forests to construction, logging and mining across Idaho. The policy leaves a vital national forest vulnerable to a host of environmentally damaging activities and has been […]

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Cats Kill Songbirds

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39 million. That’s the number of wild birds killed annually by domestic cats; and that’s in the state of Wisconsin alone! With native and migratory songbirds declining in populations, we can’t keep letting this happen. Take action and put a bell around your cat’s neck before opening the door to tabby’s freedom outdoors. Levitra online […]

TRASHIN’ FASHION Nearly 80 percent of the garbage in Costa Rica’s dumps could be recycled, if there were recycling centers throughout the country. To draw attention to the problem some innovative women in Tamarindo went to the local landfill and collected materials for haute couture designer wear. Among their finds for bikinis and ball gowns […]

Sumatran Tigers

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On my new ecopaparazzi social network I feature a different side of an environmental issue photographically each day. Wednesday is Wildlife Wednesday. The wildlife I choose to feature are endangered species, in most cases critically endangered, which means they are about to become extinct. Today the ecopaparazzi Wildlife Wednesday photo is the Sumatran tiger. The […]

I have created a new online social network, which has kept me totally occupied for the past three weeks. Hence, I have not catered to my website. I’m long overdue for a posting. The new network is called EcoPaparazzi. I originally created it to bring environmental media makers together to report on ecological concerns around […]

My toilet leaks and the landlord keeps making excuses for not sending a plumber to fix it. I’m getting angry. It’s been five weeks. So this morning I took action. I did what anyone in my situation would do: I got online.Forty minutes later and my head is spinning. I feel like a tsunami has […]

I lived in Kentucky for nearly 20 years before moving to Costa Rica. I was a community leader and involved in environmental and social justice actions, using the arts and media as tools for social change. Mountaintop Removal (MTR) is the greatest assault against nature in Kentucky and Central Appalachia. The media rarely reports on […]