It’s time for all of us who care about nature and Earth’s web of life to speak out against Sarah Palin, the heartless Alaska governor and vice presidential candidate who champions the brutal aerial gunning of wolves and bears. Her disdain for science alarms wildlife experts and her savagery and contempt for non-human sentient life […]

 I just discovered a film made by a husband and wife team called The Singing Revolution and wanted to pass along knowledge about it. Go to the website and read about the inspiring story of how the Estonian people peacefully regained their freedom and helped topple an empire along the way through song. Most people don’t think […]

The Bicycle

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 The bicycle is the predominant mode of transportation, next to the foot, in rural Costa Rica where development hasn’t run amuck. Where development has taken over, cars, trucks and SUVs are found everywhere, bringing air pollution to once pristine areas. It’s amazing how many SUVs are on the narrow roads of Costa Rica! But I […]

 The Guanacaste-Nicoya region, where so much irreversible environmental damage has occurred, was once the center of a vibrant pre-Columbian culture — the Chorotegas. Descended from Olmecs of Mexico, they arrived in Costa Rica in the 8th century. They were the most advanced people of the area. They alone, for example, developed art and writing schools. […]

 Terrible things are starting to happen to Osa in preparation for marketing the region to upscale tourists. Monday the municipal government of the region brought armed police escorts, wearing flak jackets and wielding sub-machine guns, to prevent outraged citizens from storming the bulldozers who began ripping up the shoreline to construct the first road that […]

Crocodile Pool

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 The most polluted river in Costa Rica, the Tarcoles, houses a large population of crocodiles. I was amazed to see so many of these large reptiles huddled together in the muck and slime of the filthy river. But apparently this has been their home for quite some time and they’ve adjusted somehow to the unhealthy […]

Video Shoot

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 I’ve been traveling around the country with Nancy taking video and photographs of the environmental state of affairs in Costa Rica. We’re putting together a video for the government to try to get the elected leaders throughout the country to take a close look at the mess they have created over the past 3-10 years. […]

 Nancy and I spent three days in Costa Rica’s Pacific northwest documenting the construction and real estate madness that has turned the Guanacaste region from a gorgeous natural area rich in biodiversity to a landscape of high-rise condos, golf courses and sprawling McMansions and 5-star resort hotels. It’s unbelievable, truly shocking, to witness how the wildlife has […]