This is the view from the balcony of the office in San Jose. Charming, eh? Now filter back through my blog entries and gaze at the phenomenal views at Osa. It’s a real no brainer why my soul dies on the vine when I leave the rainforest along the Pacific slope to come to the […]

One Big Snake

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This boa is taking a siesta on the rock that I needed to climb to get onto the path to finish my hike back to Campanario. Needless to say I wound my way onto the path from another route. The dog in the photo is the mamma of the rescued pups at Jonathon and Monica’s […]

I leave with Nancy early in the morning to spend a week at Campanario in the Osa Peninsula. Another group is coming to the field station, so we’ll be there too. I’ve been in San Jose for three weeks going on a lifetime sentence, and I’m so ready to be back home, in the rainforest […]

I wonder how many countries have a flag that is red, white and blue. I posed this question to various Internet brains and lo and behold got a variety of answers. Even wiki, which usually does an OK job, failed to list Costa Rica as having a red, white and blue flag. Well, here’s living […]

For Sale

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Se vende (For Sale) signs blanket Costa Rica. From coast to coast and across one mountain range to another people everywhere are selling their birthright to developers, all in the name of money. Cold, hard cash. High-rise resort hotels, condominium communities, yacht marinas and 5-star golf courses are replacing the natural beauty of Mother Earth […]

Down with CAFTA

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The vote for the Central American Free Trade Agreement passed in the Costa Rican election, but barely. Thousands of protesters took to the streets in San Jose to denounce passage of CAFTA, declaring that strong-arm tactics intimated voters and scared them into voting against their will. Graffiti on the walls at the congressional offices tell […]

From now through November volunteers across Costa Rica and other countries around the world are monitoring turtle nesting beaches to protect eggs that have been laid. This is the beach I’m helping to monitor in the Osa Peninsula. It’s a 2-mile stretch of beach that begins where the jungle ends. Those trees you see take […]

Plastic Trees

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Costa Rica has been gravely affected by large-scale monoculture tree plantations. The landscape is riddled with African palms, which are grown for their oil (i.e., Palmolive dishwashing liquid), as well as pineapple, banana and teak plantations. The monocultures have fragmented the natural rainforests and are responsible for massive forest destruction, carbon dioxide emissions and broad […]

Wild Baby Rescued

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¬†Two weeks ago while hiking through the jungle I heard a faint but insistent howl of distress coming from an animal. I had already been hiking for hours, and the sun was just beginning to fade. In the tropics dusk lasts all of ten minutes. It becomes pitch black within moments of the sun setting, […]