This is a common scene along the beaches of Lake Nicaragua in Ometepe. Islanders use the lake water for washing clothes, bathing bodies, swimming, fishing and general all-around daily usage. It is the water of life for them and their lives center around the lake. When I first saw this scene of clothes drying […]

A recent nationwide survey revealed that hunting and hunters are not esteemed by the general public in Costa Rica. According to the survey, the majority of Costa Rican adults considers recreational hunting an act of cruelty. The strongest disapproval of hunting is found among women and people of high education levels and socioeconomic strata. The […]

  This was a heartbreaking sight for me to see monkeys, once free in the wild, chained by the neck to a tree outside a business office for tourists. There ought to be laws against this, but there aren’t.  You can buy wild monkeys at roadsides in Nicaragua. The terrified monkeys have been poached from trees […]

Healing Waters

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  Ojos de Aqua, a natural spring on Ometepe Island, Nicaragua, is said to have healing powers. The folks that I talked to who had bathed in the waters told me that they had never felt so invigorated and serene after having emerged from water. I wasn’t able to strip down and partake of the healing […]

  The buses that have taken me to Panama and Nicaragua are luxurious. There is a toilet on the bus, which comes in real handy after having a few cups of coffee before boarding in the wee hours before dawn. Every bus I’ve taken so far to distance areas departs at 6 a.m., which means […]

Life of Repose

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  I bought one of these women’s hammocks at the Nicaraguan border. She makes them by hand and sells them for $5. I stretched the hammock between pillars on the upstairs deck just outside my room overlooking the Pacific Ocean at Campanario, and it has become my favorite place to lounge at the field station. […]

I spent a day kayaking Lake Nicaragua, just like an eco-tourist would think about doing. I thought kayaking the calm glassy lake was a cake walk until we hit turbulence where the river (Rio Islet) began to join the lake. At that confluence I had to paddle up river for 90 minutes. What a grind! […]

Barge to Ometepe

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  This is the barge I rode to the Island of Ometepe in Nicaragua. I stood on the top deck for the duration of the one-hour ride on a beautiful blue-sky afternoon and was sorry when the trip ended, as it was so peaceful and serene. Ometepe is shaped by two volcanos, one that is active […]