A battle is raging over water in a small inland village in Costa Rica’s northern Guanacaste region, where uncontrolled tourism and coastal development has already sapped the local water supply. Developers in Guanacaste cannot get new construction permits without new sources of water, so they are preparing to pipe water from their neighbor’s aqueduct. The […]

My Buddy

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Nielson is my buddy. When I’m in Sierpe he likes to take me by the hand and lead me to his favorite places. He frequents some pretty cool spots. I especially like the scenic nook where he and his Dad dock their fishing canoe, and I like the muddy village pathway that leads to trees […]


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My daypack and rain hat are now part of my daily uniform. I don’t hike anywhere without stuffing into the daypack a couple bottles of water, rain gear, headlamp or flashlight, insect repellant and sometimes a snack, book, Spanish grammar primer and camera, depending upon the goal of the journey. Every now and then a […]

Traveling in and around rainforest villages is tricky after heavy rains. And now that it’s rainy season, there seems to be an adventure at every turn. This is one of many rivers I have traversed in the past three weeks, as the rains keep falling and rivers keep swelling. When buses and taxis can’t make […]

Pass the Bottle

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I took a couple of shots of rum out of a bottle like this the night I stayed in Los Planes. When the bottle was passed the following morning before breakfast I gave it a precautionary glance and wisely decided against it. Orange juice filled the bill just fine, straight out of the Dos Pinos […]

boa-movie.3gp After a boa constrictor was discovered in someone’s cabin at Campanario last week I had the opportunity to videotape it before we released it into the rainforest. I had never held a snake before and was surprised at how velvety soft and muscular the boa felt. And I marveled at her beauty and bright, […]

There‚Äôs a family at Campanario that takes care of all matters related to the field station, including cooking, cleaning, maintenance and construction. The women who work at Campanario have a brother who is a really good guy with a hard work ethic and good sense of humor. His name is Chango, and I see him […]