Arnulfo, in the purple socks, is the guide and naturalist at Campanario. He also lives at the biological field station. Arnulfo has a sixth sense and sees eyes watching us as we hike and smells the scent of nearby animals before the rest of us spot anything.  Jorge is our nearest neighbor heading south. He […]

 Among the contemporary voices for the Earth, none resonates like that of Thomas Berry. His teachings and writings have inspired a generation’s thinking about humandkind’s place in the Earth community and the universe, engendering critical acclaim and a documentary of his life and work. Berry opens our eyes to the full dimensions of the ecological […]

 I leave for Campanario the day after tomorrow, after having been in San Jose for about 10 days. I’m ready to be reunited with the folks I have come to care about at the field station and the rainforest critters in my wild community. I miss my rituals with dawn and dusk, the call of […]


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  Maria invited me to her home in Heredia over the weekend, which is about half an hour bus ride from San Jose, and oh my did we ever have a good time singing up a storm at karaoke and me learning how to dance the Salsa and Merengue.  The dances here are beautiful and […]

 It’s about a three hour hike from Campanario to where this Costa Rica flag is at Corcovado National Park. By the time I got there I was good and ready to take a break from lugging my heavy camera and tripod through the hot, steamy jungle. I’m getting some great footage, but there’s definitely a […]

 My room at Campanario faces the Pacific Ocean. I’m on the second floor, and my door leads out onto a large deck. The deck overlooks the most spectacular displays of beauty, especially as the sun sets over the horizon. The sky turns resplendent as dusk approaches, with colors varying from evening to evening. Sometimes the […]

According to the Tico Times, the weekly newspaper written in English, organized crime and drug trafficking have invaded Costa Rica.  Two former Presidents of the country are behind bars for corruption. A third ex-President could end up with his comrades before long if Costa Rica’s chief prosecutor is successful. According to the paper, high profile […]

I read in the Tico Times, the English printed newspaper in Costa Rica, that Honduras’ President Mel Zelaya is suspected of hiring hit men to kill journalists who don’t report favorably about his government. Honduras journalists took to the streets in protest after the murder of one journalist and wounding of another in drive by […]

Mis Amigas

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 Idalieth, Olgalidia and Stephanie (l-r) are the queens of Campanario. They reign! These women are incredible. They build cabins, construct furniture, crack open coconuts with machetes, sew curtains, make jewelry from sea shells and beads, cook, clean, help bring in boats, well you get the idea. They run the place. Idalieth lives at Campanario in […]

Dengue Season

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 With the rainy season approaching, there is heightened awareness in Osa about the potential threat of dengue fever. Dengue is contracted, like malaria, west nile and yellow fever, through the bite of a mosquito. In Sierpe people have posted signs reminding folks to take care and not to let water accumulate in tires, upturned buckets […]

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