The issue of water rights is something that I keep witnessing over and over wherever I travel. I observed and experienced these concerns in the U.S. Southwest and southern California when I travelled across the U.S. with Red last year, and I experienced and witnessed them in Mexico. Now I am seeing the problems up […]


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 While in Panama City I went to see Dr. Juan Byrne, an iridologist. He examined my eyes to see where there might be problems lurking in my body. Being without holistic nutrition for three months, and eating almost exclusively beans and white rice, I had become slightly concerned about my health. I knew an iridologist […]

After a 14 hour bus ordeal yesterday enroute from Panama back to Costa Rica, I am happy to say that I am now back in Sierpe, Costa Rica, and will be getting on the boat to Campanario this afternoon. I spent the night at the home of a friend in Sierpe, which was far nicer […]

I’m still keeping up with the Kentucky coal issues and am grateful for the media activists and grassroots organizers that are keeping people informed.  LINK TV presents a sneak preview of BURNING THE FUTURE: COAL INAMERICA, a special television event exploring the explosive conflictbetween the coal industry and the residents of West Virginia. With theU.S. […]

Yesterday I spent an entire day traveling from the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica, to Panama to satisfy the government requirement of leaving Costa Rica every three months. It´s hard to believe that I have already been in Costa Rica that length of time. Leaving Costa Rica is more difficult than entering the country. What an […]