Wildlife Paparazzi

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Most of us visitors wandering around Costa Rica are taking photographs with small point-and-shoot and cell phone cameras. But at the wildlife refuges and biological reserves you catch sight of the wildlife paparazzi having a field day capturing the antics of animals and birds with their 900 mm Canon and Nikon lenses, titanium tripods, fill […]

Boy, what a kick in the pants it was when I discovered that the local village bus that shuttles people from Monteverde to Santa Elena is an old school bus from Pulaski County, Kentucky. You can actually see the black lettering in English that is ghosted out on the yellow paint. How in the world […]

Boy did I get a surprise when I plucked a piece of this fruit from the tree, peeled it and ate a segment of what I thought was going to taste like a sweet, juicy tangerine. The fruit was juicy alright, but so sour that I had to spit it out. Later I learned that […]

I see some interesting stuff traveling the dirt and gravel roads of Costa Rica, especially when I’m adventuring on foot or bicycle the way I do most of the time. On this particular day that I was tooling around on the pink rental bike you see here, I rode past an art gallery in the […]

If I can ever figure out how to post photos as a slide show in FlickR, I’ll add a bunch of snapshots I’ve taken so you can scroll through them. I have a lot of snaps of the beautiful landscape that I’m eager to share with you, like this fun picture of a giant leaf. […]

Dogs are part of routine life in Costa Rica. They romp together on streets, hang out on doorsteps, tag along with human companions. Surprisingly, they don’t chase cars or bark or growl at people. They have their own laid back thing going on and are part of the natural flow here. It’s cool to see […]

The Coati

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The white-nosed coati is a diurnal (active in daytime) member of the raccoon family. They have a long upturned snout that they use to snuffle around on the forest floor looking for insects, fruit and small animals. It’s easy to spot the coati in places where humans have left morsels of food in their wake. […]

The olingo is adorable and cuddly-looking, which makes it all too attractive for the despicable exotic pet trade. It’s nocturnal and mainly arboreal, which means it hangs out on limbs, jumping from tree to tree in search of fruit, mostly figs. Since fruit makes up most of the animal’s diet, it’s not surprising that it […]

“There is no place nature and magic cannot be found. Where we go we find wilderness — even within the walls of our homes, where we are confronted with the unexplainable mystery and beauty of our own living. Wilderness has no walls … Seeing the smallness of our human lives against the unrestrained expanse of […]

Hummingbirds in Monteverde are gorgeous and plentiful. They’re also a little loco, crashing into windows after flying inside of buildings and not seeing the open breezeways, doors and windows from which to escape. Mariju manages an art gallery at the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, where she sets out numerous feeders for the hummers. Inevitably, after […]

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